Cafés el Criollo

We are the fourth generation of the family business Cafés El Criollo, more than 100 years of history in which we have been discovering the secrets of coffee and transmitting them from generation to generation.

A history of quality, transmitted generation after generation.

From what began as a small shop of groceries and colonials in the nineteenth century, in Santiago No. 20 street in Zaragoza, where all kinds of items were sold and also green coffee, un toasted, going through the decision to register our brand in 1910 given the success that our first coffees already roasted were sold; to the coffee dump we have become today, offering a high quality coffee for the hospitality and specialized food sector.

fábrica de cafés el Criollo

Our specialties are the selection of coffees from the best farms in the world and their natural and traditional toast, the most optimal to maintain the aromas and flavors typical of each of the coffee origins with which we work. Our extensive knowledge of coffee has allowed us to develop our own blends, the most suitable blends with which we can guarantee an excellent result with which to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Transparent, efficient and responsible management are the values that define us, now also business, socially and environmentally accredited.

Through different initiatives, in Cafés El Criollo we transmit our experience in the knowledge of coffee, permanently training professionals in the hospitality sector and to those who have a concern to deepen and perfect the elaboration of a good cup of coffee.